Watch out errant drivers...

THE NEXT time you decide to jump a red light, the prying eyes of the law may not be the only ones to be wary of. The real trouble could actually come from the backseat "drivers'' one can't quite fight with.

The men in white are out to give the Capital's children a lesson in taking the right direction. Only, this time, it will be completely the way the kids like it.

In an ambitious move, the Delhi Traffic Police have tied up with fast food giant McDonald's India to create awareness about road safety among school children. Launched in the city this week, the Road Safety Programme will see the food chain's young man in red and yellow -- better known as Ronald to children -- give them tips on road safety.

McDonald's brand icon will be conducting special interactive workshops on road safety across 100 schools in the Capital. Trained specially for the job by the Road Safety Cell of the Delhi Police, the programme will also honour all participating children with road safety awards.

Aimed at increasing the awareness level of school children in all aspects relating to road safety like recognition of symbols, understanding traffic signals and driving rules, the department is hoping that by making children more aware about the rules, they might be able to reform adults too.

According to the Delhi police, the participants will be distributed a sample containing question relevant to the theme. And learning with McDonald's this time comes with a prize that most children should look forward to. The certificate on being produced at any outlet will win children a McSwirl.

``School children are specially being targeted because being one of the most organised group of road users and at the learning stage, they can be easily groomed into good road using citizens,'' says the Joint Commissioner of Police, Maxwell Pereira.

By Lakshmi Balakrishnan