War of words

IF WINTER comes can spring be far behind ? If Guptan Nair criticises Chamgampuzha, can a Krishnan Nair rebuttal be far behind ?

The ink is yet to dry on Guptan Nair's criticism of Changampuzha and his `Ramanan'. However, so stung is critic M. Krishnan Nair with the former's words that he has filled his pen with the strongest of vitriol to come to the defence of Changampuzha.

"Guptan Nair has gone senile. There is no other reason why he should say such things about Changampuzha. Saying that a rich girl will never fall in love with a shepherd is to miss the entire point of poetry. It is just not literary criticism. Ask him to read `Duravastha'," fumes Krishnan Nair.

Not content with letting off steam, Krishnan Nair has shot off his latest `Sahitya Vaaraphalam' missile against Guptan Nair, which he feels is bound to make a crater of an impact when it is published on coming Monday.

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