Vying for space

THEY SAY failure is an orphan. Does that mean success has many fathers? Well, it could be. In the case of the much-criticised international stadium in the heart of the city, the saying seems to be quite true.

Of late, enquiries seem to be pouring in regarding its possible use for various purposes. What has amazed the Greater Cochin Development Authority (GCDA) is that several suitors for the stadium have burst upon the scene abruptly.

The GCDA authorities seem a little bewildered. If sources are to be believed, they will have a problem of choice with various organisations representing football, cricket and athletics vying for space at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium. Grapevine has it that each of these organisations has laid claim to the international stadium. While one organisation has said that the revolutionary idea of having an international stadium in the heart of the city was theirs, another has claimed that the stadium was the perfect place to pursue its calling.

While these claims are being raised, GCDA authorities are still grappling with the mounting debt burden. It is evident that none of these organisations have come forward with a solution to retiring the GCDA debt.

It looks as if after all the games that people play, the GCDA may still be left holding the baby.

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