Vivekh lights up Metro show

Actor Vivekh giving away the Best Stall Award for the Complete Bath Solutions stall at the Hindu Metro Plus Exhibition in Chennai on Sunday.

Actor Vivekh giving away the Best Stall Award for the Complete Bath Solutions stall at the Hindu Metro Plus Exhibition in Chennai on Sunday.  

ON YOUR way to the The Metroplus Lifestyle Show at the Chennai Trade Centre,

Nandambakkam you will overtake Scorpios and Chevrolets packed with happy families waving, grinning and cheerfully arguing with each other. You think they cannot all possibly be heading to the show — but they are!

The place is overflowing — complete with kids in Superman outfits and women dressed in their best. On Saturday evening, it was actor Vivekh at his wittiest best who got the crowds laughing, when he was there to hand out prizes to the winners of the best stalls in various categories.

"Gentle ladies, gentlemen," he began, "this place is like Ranganathan Street. And, as at any shopping mela, the men look rather sad as if their wallets have been emptied by their shopping-starved families," he said, causing ripples of laughter in the crowd.

He then awarded the Best Automobile Stall prize to Millenium Motors. Sony World was chosen as the Best Electronics Stall, while the Information Technology award went to Intel. Complete Bath Solutions walked away with the award for the Best Displayed Stall and Poettry was the best runner-up stall. Style Spa, with its global furniture display, was adjudged Best Furniture Stall, chosen by a three-member jury.

After the prize distribution ceremony, Vivekh decided to take a look around. His focus was on the furniture but he hardly got a chance to look at the stuff on display as ecstatic fans practically mobbed him for autographs.

Discarded tissues, ticket stubs, flyers, bills — just about anything that could be written on made its way through the security ring around Vivekh for autographs. At the Sri Krishna Stall, he took over the cash counter in order sign autographs. Of course, he did not charge for them.

The party did not stop with Vivekh's departure. DJ Karan of Flame Le Club soon set up his turn tables and kept the mela going. From anthemic Hindi disco numbers to the shimmering new, remixed version of `California Dreaming', DJ Karan took the crowd on an enchanting musical ride. The music ranged from soulful to funky and the vocals from English to Arabic.

Friday the 13th was anything but unlucky for The Metroplus Lifestyle Show. Actor Prashanth and television diva `Pepsi' Uma picked each other's brains for over an hour in a live `Take Two'. For those who couldn't find even standing space, the duo's animated banter was beamed around the venue on wide screens. DJ Kunal of Hardcore Event Managers mashed English, Hindi and Tamil tracks together on his mixer. He kept the crowd guessing all through for he would suddenly drop in to a well-known Tamil number or an obscure Western dance track.

By Prassana Srinivasan and Prince Frederick

Photo: K. Pichumani

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