VIP truly

ALL THE governmental bodies, be they in Central or State Government, seem to have been hit by financial crunch. But, this is no bar when it comes to extending a `facility' to a VIP, particularly when that VIP happens to be a Minister.

On Gandhi Jayanthi Day, the Madurai-bound Koodal Express was flagged off by the Union Minister of State for Railways, A. K. Moorthy. A saloon coach, fitted with an air-conditioner and having all the characteristics of a minioffice, was attached to the train on the assumption that the Minister would travel in the newly-inaugurated Express.

But he chose to go to Madurai by air. So, the coach had no takers. Still, it had to go to the temple town as the authorities reasoned out that at least when the Express was again flagged off at Madurai point, the Minister might like to return to Chennai by the train.

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