Violet's day out

IT WAS Violet's day out today. A day when she cut her second Christmas cake in 17 months; this when Violet herself is just pushing seventeen months of age.

Violet was not alone today, she had with her seven members of her family who arrived here from London, on Saturday, for a two week exploratory Indian safari. The group set out this morning from the hotel at Kovalam where they staying to get a feel of life in a countryboat.

Come afternoon and they anchored off a lake and beach resort at Pozhikkara, where the river Karamana meets the sea. Then it was time to give Violet her time in the spotlight. Not that her very first Christmas was anything less festive-she cut her first cake while on a vacation at Italy !. According to Lea Foley, a Sivananda Yoga practitioner and Violet's aunt, the little one had a whale of a time enjoying the attention. Is the family, on its maiden trip to the country and the State, enjoying the weather and the food ? You bet, says Lea, adding that `the people here are lovely.'

Though the group has already drawn up plans to visit Neyyar Dam (the Sivananda Ashram would no doubt be a beacon for Lea), they are generally undecided as to the itinerary they should follow. Lea says, the family is `talking to people' to get an idea where to go and how to go about it. In fact one reason why Lea chose to come to India and Kerala was because it was in this land that yoga was born.

Violet's mother, Tina who runs a catering service for the film industry, is already thinking of setting up an Ayurvedic health centre back home.

By Mahadevan G.