Vintage visions

THE LATEST issue of the journal published by the `Poetry Chain' has on its cover a photo of the fort built by Tipu Sultan at Thalassery. No wonder, the selected pieces in the issue seem to have a touch of the vintage about them.

"Visions of love, nostalgia or remembrance of beauty..." that is what, as the editorial says, poetry should inspire. The collection opens with a poem that is more complex than the reader would believe.

Aptly titled `Complexity', the lines speak of the poet's prayer to the `Lord of the Universe', which she says is `the only spiritual link between me, my life and Mother Nature'.

The short poem, `Guest Lecture', too evokes an old-world picture in the mind of the reader -- that of a monk kneeling in prayer and a `sutra' given by the golden hues of the setting sun.

Similar is the case with the poem `Ambaji', which paints a vivid picture of the parched earth, the rocks smelling of sweat, the snaking streets and the drumbeats of the Adivasis.

However, the most vintage of them all is the English translation of Kumaran Asan's immortal lament, `Veena Poovu'. As far as translations go, the translation of this poem, done by a former Vice-Chancellor, passes muster.

This volume too has its share of sensuous verses, the pieces, `Woman' (by the editor Gopi Krishna Kottoor himself) and `Cairotica' being the best examples.

Indeed, these poems also fit into the definition of poetry given in the first pages of the collection.

This time the `poetry book feature' is from `Gifts' a book of poems by the Mumbai-based poet, Deepali Pant.

By Mahadevan G.

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