Urmila lives the role

FOR HARDCORE Urmila Matondkar fans the best is still to come. While most critics might rate "Pinjar" as her best performance, the actress claims that "Ek Haseena Thi" is worth watching out for.

"I think "Ek Haseena Thi" is technically my finest performance. I just dubbed for the film and I think I did a good job. But this is much before the film is to be released, closer to the time I think I am just okay," she said smiling. And though she might have contributed more than a little `real' on `reel', she can't watch her films she says.

"I am my most severe critic. I think that is why I can take anything they say with a pinch of salt. When I watch myself and think something is wrong, I just can't take my eyes off it- that is I notice. But what is good is that I think I have less movies like this than my contemporaries," the actress said confidently.

And almost going back full circle, Urmila is living a little bit of her childhood in her latest movie "Tehzeeb". Playing Shabana Azmi's daughter once again, Urmila might have come a long way from her "Masoom" days, but this time round she was more nervous sharing the screen with her `mother'. "I think it was my perception of her as a child I was not bothered, but it was great working with her. We talked about movies and roles, which I enjoyed a lot. Watching her is like going to an acting school. After so many years she still has sincerity and the ability to give her best, which is just wonderful," she remarked.

A film which deals with a complicated mother-daughter relationship, "Tehzeeb" brings to the Indian screen for the first time the working woman. "Unlike most of the films we see in "Tehzeeb", Shabana is not forced to work to support her family. She does it because she enjoys working and is not apologetic about it. Her daughter prefers to stay at home, but they are both happy. I think it is important for women to be comfortable in whatever they do," she says.

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