Update curriculum

In addition to solutions to be suggested for the economic and social malaises of society, individual emotional aberrations also need to be redressed effectively. In a competitive world like ours, we are led greatly by the advertisements and the numerous paraphernalia of make-belief.

In order to discern the real from the unreal, we need proper advice from the learned and the experienced. Counselling can go a long way in saving the individual from self-destruction. But unfortunately, even counselling has become a commercial commodity in our consumerist society.

In fact, we need heart-to-heart dialogues between friends, between teachers and students, between husbands and wives, between parents and children. Modern nuclear families hardly contain any space for the elders or the grandparents who can give timely lessons in overcoming crises. The role of the system of education is pivotal in suggesting long-term remedies to the ills of society. The curriculum should be framed in such a manner that the individual gets training to transcend petty interests and to look at society with greater reverence.

K. Reghunathan Pillai Thiruvananthapuram

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