Two nights only at The Park

The rock band, Thermal And A Quarter

The rock band, Thermal And A Quarter  

THEY ARE out to rock you out of your senses again. Back with a bang, Bangalore's favourite rock band, Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ), will celebrate the launch of their latest album, Jupiter Cafe, with two exclusive live evenings at The Park.hotel near Trinity Circle.

For years together, Bangalore has craved the live music that was so much a part of its cultural fabric.

For a few years now, we have struggled to defy ludicrous and antiquated laws, and administrative idiosyncrasies to find that musical expression. We have also been searching for places where we can be ourselves, chill out, and listen to the music we love most.

Live music has come back to Bangalore. Brought by the rock band that has made itself the stamp of the City, TAAQ. You can look forward to a whole spectrum of moods, and a rousing, energy-driven set of the band's original music from Jupiter Cafe. Gently blended with "thermalised" covers of Sting, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, The Beatles, Cat Stevens, Steely Dan, and more.

Thermal And A Quarter gained instant fame in April 2001 when they opened for British rockers Deep Purple's live concert in Bangalore. The band's history, however, dates back to 1996 when its then members were in college or just out of it. They made waves by the unusual name, a cheeky take-off on the ethnic roots of the band members who have roots in Kerala, called by some "Mal-Area".

The present line-up of Bruce Lee Mani (his dad is a fan of the Kung Fu master) on vocals and guitar, Rajeev Rajagopal on drums and percussion, and Rzhude on bass and vocals was cemented in 1999. Rajesh Mehar, on rhythm and vocals, hopped onto the bandwagon early this year.

Last month, TAAQ launched Jupiter Cafe, its first concept album. In 2000, TAAQ launched its eponymous demo album on its own label, with widespread media attention and popularity.The band will play at The Park on Friday and Saturday from 7.30 p.m. Passes are available at Pecos, Sound Options, Habitat, Music World, Planet M, Calypso, and at the hotel itself. Don't miss out on a great evening!

By Satyamurty K.

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