Two `gifts' for Ganesha devotees

Unnati and Preeti, who have brought out the CD, `Vishwa'.

Unnati and Preeti, who have brought out the CD, `Vishwa'.  

IF YOU are the religious type, but feel to lazy to go to a temple, especially on a Sunday, then grab the remote control of your TV. Now surf to a Hindi channel. Chances are you will find something that will satisfy you.

No, we are not referring to the Ramayana or the Mahabharata, though serials based on the two epics were the staple of the average television viewer not so long ago. Perhaps, they had the longest innings on TV screens and the largest fan following. Instances of women performing pujas to TV screens before switching them on for a "darshan of Lord Ram" were reported.

There is such religious fervour only among grandmothers and women in rural India, these days.

And, for them, a number of serials are churned out by production houses with roles for yesteryear screen divas and musclemen. Children may laugh at the portrayal, but serials such as Jai Ganesh and Shakthi have high TRP ratings.

Lord Ganesh, in particular, has great appeal. And now, it is possible to view the deity with the head of an elephant without reaching for the TV remote. Remember the huge hoarding outside Jewels De Paragon, of a resplendent Lord Ganesha? Well, a compilation, titled Vinayaka, that has many illustrations of "ishta deva Ganesha", was released in Bangalore on Saturday. Vinayaka is a book of paintings by Udayaraj A. Gadnis.

The vibrant oil paintings portray the deity in 36 forms.

A CD of spiritual music was launched at the function. Titled Vishwa, the CD has songs rendered by the London-based sisters — Preeti and Unnati. The music is by Bappi Lahiri and Nitai Dasgupta. Preeti and Unnati will travel to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, and Kodagu to launch the CD.

By Preeti Mishra

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