Tuning to TM thru' the channel

URBANITES INTERESTED in the mystic side of life can learn about transcendental meditation techniques through an interactive satellite television window set up by the Maharishi Institute of Vedic Science in the city.

The institute also provides the facility for people to put questions relating to the spiritual side of life to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who will answer the queries from his Delhi headquarters.

Mahesh Yogi is credited with waking the world to the simple, natural and effortless technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM), which is claimed to unfold the full creative potential of higher consciousness latent in all human beings.

The TM technique is now being adopted worldwide, particularly by professionals, to tap their abilities and potential better , we are told. Several multinational corporations have now roped in TM experts to instruct their staff.

The Maharishi's channel describes TM as a celebration of life itself. The beneficiaries of TM have claimed to enjoy increased intelligence and peace with the world in which they live.

The TM techniques are generally used to fine-tune the thought process and trace it back to the source itself. It is described as an experience akin to love, joy and happiness. The practitioner of the system is claimed to reach the stage of `Transcendental Consciousness' whereby he is able to tap his full potential as an intellectual being. The technique is not associated with any religion and could be practised by people of all faiths.

According to the Maharishi, TM brings the mind to a state where thoughts do not disturb it. When the mind is not disturbed with any thought, it rests in a field of absolute silence, rest and peace.

Beginners could achieve this state of mind only for a few moments. Veteran practitioners could do it for hours. When the mind reaches the level of Transcendental Consciousness, the practitioner is in touch with the core of the infinite energy that surrounds the world.

By Anand G.

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