True colours

POLITICIANS SHOW their true colours when someone else tries to steal the limelight. The city politicians are no exception and the severe water shortage has exposed them to the hilt.

Whether it is a Minister or an MLA, they never leave any stone unturned to garner all the credit for themselves. Any attempt to snatch away the credit sees them at their worst as was witnessed at IS Sadan the other day when MIM activists went on a rampage at the behest of the local MLA, Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, at a water board function and heckled the Tourism Minister, T. Srinivas Yadav.

It was only a few days ago that Yadav and another MIM MLA, Syed Sajjad, hugged each other and even rode on a scooter together. Sure, politics throws up strange bedfellows. Sometimes they behave like bosom pals and sometimes, sworn enemies.

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