Truckers' strike

THE COUNTRYWIDE truckers' strike completed its second day and so far, there are no signs of the Centre intervening to bring them to the negotiating table. The marginal reduction in the fuel prices has not impressed the lorry owners and they appear determined to continue the stir.

The roads and highways in the State are suddenly clear, no doubt about that, but the pinch would be felt by people when the truckers squeeze the movement of the essential commodities as they had threatened to do so from Wednesday. The State Government, in the meantime, is caught in a piquant situation because on one hand it has to ensure that the commodities are available and affordable to consumers, and on the other there is little it can do than to twiddle its thumbs during this period as the most of the issues at stake have to be tackled at the national level.

The Civil Supplies and the Marketing departments have been galvanised into action and they, too, are following the developments in New Delhi keenly.

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