Transition from Pop

HANS RAJ Hans is getting a chance to change places with his teachers. He might have abandoned his studies to embrace a career in music, but it seems that he is practising what he preaches. Literally.

Teaching at San Jose University in the United States, this is not his first teaching position. "I used to teach in Washington State University too. I find that the West is keen to preserve all that we don't respect. It is very sad," he says.

And while it might not be the `best' time for Punjabi pop stars, Hans has no worries. "I can't understand what is happening and I can't blame anyone since I don't know the truth. I can only start looking inwards to see that I never do anything like this," he remarks.

Having reached musical maturity, Hans has shifted from singing peppy Punjabi pop to more soulful `Sufi' - his first love, he claims.