'Trail Blazers' on top

TEACHER'S PRIDE: Aussie troupe members rev up the evening with their exotic dances.  

SOME FINE jugglery. Sizzling dance fare. Pulsating music. All set a perfect mood for relaxing the strained sinews and harassed souls. An evening dedicated to those who walk the extra mile to accomplish. One that celebrated spirit of achievement.

Dublin, the cosy pub at Grand Kakatiya Sheraton, was the venue for Teacher's Achiever's Night.

Delightful surprises were promised and those surprises indeed delighted the young crowd at the pub. Discs were scratched and the music that was generated perfectly matched the mood and ambience.

Dimly lit, the place was awash with verve as Jay Walker, the DJ flown from the UK, came out with his choicest foot-tapping music. More surprises. A bevy of Australian beauties stormed the pub and swept every one off their feet with well-choreographed dances.

The exotic dancers of the troupe, `Trail Blazers,' performed to popular numbers and their show turned out to be spectacular. The packed pub juggling between music and dance then went for an exciting show of jugglery. Everyone's attention was riveted to the counter.

A team of bar tenders led by Sandy took the centrestage and with bottles on fire juggled them artistically.

The blazing bottles kept rising in the air and safely landing with a twist in their hand.

The performance went on and as the spirits rose further, a girl clambered atop the counter with a Teacher's bottle to challenge the crowd.

Many accepted the challenge and lined up with wide open mouths for her to pour the drink -- all neat and straight from the bottle!

By Lalith Singh T.

Photo: K. Ramesh Babu