Traffic violation unabated

More than a month and 25 cases later, the much talked about lane traffic plan launched along the stretch of the highway between the Edappally bypass and the Premier Junction at Kalamassery in Kochi, appears slow in yielding the desired results.

According to the traffic police personnel managing the stretch, most of the cases registered in these parts are for violation of lane discipline and overtaking from the left.

Even though the road is used more by trucks and buses, violators are mostly two-wheelers. On further probing, the policemen add that the number of truck men with a fondness for driving along the middle of two lanes too have not come down.

Our drivers are not quick learners, it seems. Meanwhile, the Rotary Club of Kalamassery has put up boards on the medians, for spreading the message.

The board carries illustrated guidelines on lane discipline, warning about the fines for violations— in three languages. Now, the question is who is going to stop by these boards for scrutiny, as they are not clearly visible to those who drive past.

As Rotarians themselves put it, driving habits evolved over 50 years could not be changed overnight. They are hoping to find lasting solutions to traffic problems over the next one-and-a-half years. And also, the traffic police will extend the project to more areas, say, between Angamaly and Haripad.

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