Toy with it

SUMMER, SEARING heat and vacation time for kids. Whenever they break from channel surfing on television, they nag you for all sorts of things. Uff... it's so tough to keep them quiet and happy. But have you tried Shilparamam?

The sprawling rural campus in the city is bustling with activity that is dominated with colourful toys. Just the kind of stuff you need to keep the kids at home playing all through the vacation.

A fluffy monkey with a long tail, a puppy wearing sun glasses, a toy train in wood and a lady rhythmically swaying in all directions on the springs.

Toy with it

Not only the local but the bazar has also artisans from all corners of the State presenting their works. Appealing is the wedding range of in cloth. It has the bride and groom in colourful attires from different parts of the country whether it be Gujarat or Tamil Nadu.

How about a few things in shell? Don't forget to check the colourful paints and designs on shells. The toy bazar is open till April 20.

By Lalith Singh T.

Photos: Mohd. Yousuf

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