Total car care

CAR-LOVERS in the Capital can now look forward to something extra that would add to the beauty and attractiveness of their automobile. A world leader in car care, 3M's India operation has launched its exclusive "car detailing" services, promising to give that "extra treatment" needed for every car, new and old.

Informing that the company had already studied the market in Delhi and was convinced about the success of their concept, Lee M. Kennedy, the managing director of 3M India Limited, says: "The complete programme, the price of which ranges from Rs.400 to Rs.5,000, consists of over 32 individual products from 3M which will be applied by 3M-trained and certified applicators only."

All products, available through all big car dealers, are designed for interior enrichment, exterior beautification, surface refinement, engine rejuvenation and protection against ultra violet rays, corrosion, sound and extreme temperatures. Also available is a comprehensive "do-it-yourself car care kit" and other range of products for a world class finish for all kind of cars.

"For instance, UV protection is a special and comprehensive one for new as well as old cars which shines and protects paint finishes to produce a durable and glossy finish, preventing damage from heat and radiation," Mr. Kennedy claims.

There is an exclusive under-chassis protection programme which provides durability and complete protection from rust, deadens sound levels and acts as a cold/heat insulator. The internal panel protection ensures lifetime protection for door panels, back fenders and boot from corrosion.

The package also comprises an exclusive engine rejuvenation programme which cleans and rejuvenates the engine by removing carbon deposits from intake values, combustion chambers and fuel injectors thus restoring power, performance, fuel economy and efficiency.

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