To buy vehicles without hassles

Harshala Shilotri  

FOR HARSHALA Shilotri of Yatra Exhibits, Bangalore, especially its automobile scene, is where things are happening. Which is why she is bringing Vaahan Yatra back here for the second year in a row. It is not another car bazaar, but the biggest automotive event in South India, Ms. Shilotri insists. Where else do you find sports utility vehicles, cars, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, alloy wheels, car accessories, auto finance, and used cars all under one roof?

"This time, there will be more products on display, more exhibitors, and even more visitors. The display of so many vehicles proves the growth of the automobile market in India,'' she says. Faced with the ever-increasing variety of models in the market, the potential car or motorcycle buyer is often perplexed. Even within the same price segment, the choice available is vast. Not everyone understands the significance of torque, BHP, and braking systems. When Vaahan Yatra opens at the Kanteerava Stadium on August 14, they can actually see and make the right choice without rushing from one car showroom to another or having to read between the lines of sales pitches and being saddled with a financing option which may or not be the best available.

By K. Satyamurty