Tips hot `n' cool

Master chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, demonstrating at a cookery show.  

"Cooking is all about confidence. Once you know what you are making, what taste the ingredients would give and do it with love, you cannot go wrong,'' said the celebrated chef, Sanjeev Kapoor.

``Most of the time we merely follow the traditional manner of cooking without bothering to understand what we are doing,'' he said, as the gathering of women and a few men listened attentively.

The scene was at the `TMC Kenstar Microwave Hungama', a cookery show organised to showcase the dishes to be made on the microwave.

Even as he started making the lip-smacking dishes as in `Badam baby corn panneer', `Prawn curry', and Italian dish, `Risattho', and the likes, the chef's commentary on what makes good cooking was very interesting.

``You can always try something new by changing an ingredient here and there. But never try when you are expecting many guests because you would be tense during those moments,'' he said. Good cooking comes out best when the element of fear is removed.

Tips hot `n' cool

Simple `experiments' can be done by adding two or three pickles to vegetables. "You just have to think and make small changes.

Then you can come out with a new dish, which the hotels give a fancy name and bill you,'' he explained, as women started their questions.

``How come you are not adding oil at all,'' wondered a lady when she noticed the chef pouring water into the bowls before putting them inside the micro.

"Why do you need oil,'' he asked in return. "For taste,'' replied several women.

"All right, I will give you a spoon of oil and water, tell me which tastes better,'' he said.

Almost every dish can be made without oil and it was the ingredients that add to the taste and not oil.

With micros and non-stick pans, it is easier, he pointed out. All it takes in mirco is a few minutes, and even in conventional cooking, too much of heating is of little consequence, he observed.

One query really stumped him. "But, we can't make fish fry in a micro,'' complained a lady.

"That is true, but there are other fish dishes you can make. Please look at what this modern device can do rather than mention what it cannot do,'' was his succinct comment.

By Geetanath V.

Photos: Satish H.