Time for music of the sacred kind

Members of the Delhi Christian chorus.

Members of the Delhi Christian chorus.  

DIGGING DEEP into its repertoire of nativity songs, carols, spirituals and the work of J. S. Bach, Bortniansky and Caleb Simper, the Delhi Christian Chorus will present its annual music for Christmas at the Cathedral Church of Redemption on December 7.

Founded in 1965 by Richard R. Smyth, who was Presbyter in-charge of the Centenary Methodist Church, Lodhi Road, the Chorus presents three concerts of sacred classical and modern music every year - two at Christmas time and one during Lent and Easter period. "In the present world of total turmoil, chaos and hatred, the group stands committed to spread in their own small way the message of universal love, peace and brotherhood," says Royall S. McLaren, Director of the Chorus.

Over the past three decades, the group has consistently presented concerts of sacred music and its repertoire comprises over 1,000 different choral pieces which include works of traditional, contemporary, modern, very modern, folk, spiritual and classical composers. "The chorus has introduced over 100 new composers to the audiences of Delhi," points out McLaren.

Membership of the group is totally voluntary and singers come from various leading churches of Delhi. People from different religious and cultural backgrounds have also taken part in the singing from time to time. Besides singing, the members are taught the intricacies and nuances of written music and many have greatly benefited from this specialised training which is free.

Apart from their annual performances, the group also raises funds for various charitable causes and over the years, it has donated large sums of money to organisations dedicated to the care and upliftment of the poor and the needy, sick and the aged.

"The group stands committed to extending its outreach ministry further," says McLaren, adding there will be two performances on December 7, at 4 p.m and at 6.30 p.m.

By Our Staff Reporter

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