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The star cast of

The star cast of "Freaky Chakra" Deepti Naval and Sunil Rao at a press conference in New Delhi on Tuesday.  

IT IS a film that dares to defy Bollywood's first rule of geometry -- always use a triangle. Breaking the standard formula for a hit, the director thinks that the "right angle'' might be the wrong focus in the Hindi film industry but it is the "right'' way to go.

A small film, it is big on experimentation. And as the name suggests, different is a label the film has already acquired. A rectangular love story as "Freaky Chakra'' claims to be, it promises new shapes in a triangle dominated industry.

"It is an attempt to bring theatre close to cinema in a light-hearted manner. It is mad yet conventional, both in structure and content. The narration of the film is what makes the film different rather than the content,'' says V.K. Prakash, director.

Blurring fiction with reality, the scriptwriter in the film has a face and a role. Not the usual Bollywood style, but then the director is known for not looking at films the regular way. The film is set in the imagination of the writer who falls in love with his character. Played by popular VJ Ranvir, he is the narrator of the film which is a journey into his mind through his characters. ``It is an ensemble film. Seven people wrote the script. After office hours, we used to sit over a cup of tea and by and by the script evolved. It was all part of this group activity and everyone improvised the script,'' remarks Prakash.

Part of the new genre of films like "Leela'' or "Everybody Says I'm Fine'' -- this film speaks the language of Indians who are more global citizens and are able to straddle the gap between the two worlds -- the traditional and the modern -- with ease.

``It is meant to be fun. It is not a comment on the state of womanhood in any way. Mrs. Thompson is a whacky 40-year-old who lives alone. She is a doctor by profession who has given up practice and decorates dead-bodies. She just about fights with everyone and generally gets irritated,'' says Deepti Naval describing her character.

Slated for release on February 7, the film only asks people to appreciate a story that has more than one dimension and three angles.

By Mandira Nayar

Photo: S. Subramanium

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