This Sachin sings a different tune

Singer Sachin.

Singer Sachin.  

AS A 20 something, he had left his hometown Meerut to pursue dreams that were anything but musical. But nearly a decade after he stepped into the city of dreams with nothing more than a sound knowledge of cars, Sachin is gearing up to get the country to move to his tunes.

Music may have never been a passion for him, but as the singer now points out, it had always been a part of his life. "Singing had always been a hobby but I never thought about taking it professionally. I guess a personal experience at one of the competitions, where I lost out the top post to the organiser's daughter, left a bad taste," reveals Sachin.

His maiden album "Sachin" will see him make his debut as not just a singer but also lyricist and composer.

"I had penned a few lines on a particularly nice evening and sang the composition to my friends, who really liked it. At that point of time, I did not take them seriously, but eventually when they insisted, I realised that I should probably take up singing seriously," recalls Sachin.

Surprisingly, the singer points out that his father always suspected that he was leaving for Mumbai to become a model. "I guess it was because of my long hair that he thought I wanted to be a model. But as far as I was concerned, I was just sure that I did not wanted to pursue my studies. I had gone to Mumbai on a vacation, but liked it so much that I decided to stay back," he says.

Playback singing may be his ultimate aim, but as of now, it is his new album and the response to it that has kept him occupied. The singer believes that the biggest USP of the album is its original tracks. "Where do you get to hear original tracks these days. Most new comers sing remixes, but this album has only originals," he points out.

The album has four ballads as well as some Latino and Punjabi flavour to it, with songs of different beats being a part of it.

Visible on various channels is the first video of the album featuring the song "Jaan". Shot at nine different locations in Ladakh by cinematographer Sameer Arya and directed by Sumeet Malhotra, the video attempts to capture the mood of the song through the love story of the angel of death.

Launched by the Medient Music Group that last year gave the country its `first' all boys band A Band of Boys, this is the company's first attempt at promoting a solo artist. And considering the boy band unlike Viva is still together and singing, may be Sachin has some hope. But whether this Meerut boy eventually manages to rise up to the Mumbai challenge is something only the coming weeks will show.

By Lakshmi Balakrishnan

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