This rebel has designs

THIS DESIGNER has chosen to rebel. But for a cause. All ready to surprise her audience, Kolkata-based designer Deepika Govind claims that the upcoming Lakme India Fashion Week in New Delhi would see her presenting a look that she "has not done before''. And besides her designs, it is her promise of "eco-friendly'' fabrics that people should watch out for.

It is a "devoutly irrelevant'' lounge wear collection that Deepika is creating for the fashion week this year. "It is a very rebellious look, with lots of impertinence and mischief in the collection -- something I have never done before. The look that I am trying to create will be comfortable anywhere. It is very international. It would not be out of place in Paris or Mumbai or even any small town,'' says the designer.

While admitting to have done more "mature'' styling in the past, this is one that she calls a younger collection. "The feel of the market is such. People want to feel younger at heart and that is why I have opted for this shift. Moving away from my usual style, this is a more fitted collection. And it is more exaggerated,'' says Deepika.

Working on creating a lot of "illusionary effects'' with layers and different contours, Deepika's collection also has a vintage, more luxurious feel. "The colour palette has also been toned down. The colours are dull, slightly faded. I am not using very bright yellows, reds and pinks. Instead I have a British India feel about them. There is the look of dull rose, sand, grey and brown,'' she explains. But it's not all dull, she adds. There are touches of vibrancy and hits of bright colours or, as Deepika says, "bursts of colours'' in the collection.

But more than the designs, it is the fabrics that one should watch out for. "I have done a lot of experimentation with fabrics this time. I have restricted myself to only natural and eco-friendly fabrics. My entire collection is of corn silk, lycra silk and silk modal. They are all very comfortable fabrics and would go well for a Fall-Winter collection,'' says Deepika, adding that she has used "ahimsa'' fabrics.

With more emphasis on detailing, the designer has also added plenty of accessories such as bags and shoes for her line.

By Anjali Dhal Samanta

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