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The Swadeshi Store

The Swadeshi Store  

MARRIAGES MAY be made in heaven but matrimonial bliss can only be experienced right here on earth. Days of endless preparations, unavoidable chaos, loads of excitement, and eager anticipation precede the "big day''. The enthusiasm level soars and reaches its pinnacle as two entities embark on a lifelong journey of togetherness.

Confusion reigns supreme as the newly weds ponder over the intricacies of day-to-day life. As the building blocks of their domicile are laid brick by brick, queries ranging from the colour of the rug to the kind of curtains to use are bound to prop up. This is where The Swadeshi Store comes to the rescue of the couple.

The store offers an exquisite range of export-quality home furnishings at reasonable prices. A wide array of products in rich colours and varied textures ranging from upholstery, curtains, cushion covers, bedspreads, floor rugs, candle stands, table linen, hammocks, and bean bags are available at the store, and they guarantee to transform a humble abode into a house of dreams.

This may not sound very appealing to newly weds after the grand dream wedding coupled with an exotic honeymoon to match the demands of a wife in awe of the foreign locales generously splashed on the silver screen. All these may just be the essential ingredients to make your pocket a lot lighter. If you are tearing your hair out over the excess expenditure, then fear not, for there is some great news for new couples.

The Swadeshi Store is offering discounts to all those who have been married for three months or less. You can avail of the discounts by presenting the wedding invitation as proof. The special offer for the newly married is on for two months, and is sure to add "colour'' to homes newly set up.

The assorted textures, the vibrant colours, and the splendid designs of home furnishings at the store merge to create a unique shopping experience. Perhaps, they will make that dream house of yours a reality.

By Preeti Mishra

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