They will read for 2,005 seconds

Catching them young

Catching them young  

ON DECEMBER 3, a group of young students will gather to carry out an enjoyable task at the St. Francis School on Trichy Road.

For 2,005 seconds (a little over half an hour), they will read books. Some of them will read mystery stories and adventure novels, while others will browse through informative volumes that tell them more about the world, but all of them will read what they like most.

These children will be participating in `Scholastic Read for 2005', a global effort to spread the message that reading books helped build better lives for people everywhere.

Known as the `World's largest classroom reading event', the programme is conducted around the globe to make children aware of the joy of reading. Entire classrooms have registered for the event throughout India, North America and Australia, and also parts of South America, Europe and Africa.

After the reading session, there is a `Reading Pledge' that could be taken by the students. Written by the author Paula Danziger, the pledge is all about respecting oneself, others and the power of books.

Those who take the pledge will resolve to make books a part of their lives, read in order to learn more about themselves and other people, and also share interesting material that they have learnt from books.

By A. A. Michael Raj

Photo: S. Siva Saravanan

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