Theft of slabs

PWD OFFICIALS were surprised when the stolen pre-cast slabs, which were used for lining various canals in the Periyar-Vaigai irrigation system, were dumped along the canals, a couple of days ago.

Enquiries revealed that one of the frustrated officials had made an oral complaint to a police officer, who, in turn, acted swiftly.

The police picked up a few suspects and sent out a message that there would be an intensive raid in the villages in search of the stolen slabs.

And, the fear psychosis worked the desired way.

An official said the rampant theft of slabs had "unlined" many stretches of the canals, which had been a major challenge to them. The slabs had multi-utility. However, mostly they decorated backyards or cattle sheds.

The most shocking part of the entire episode was that the people had left marks on the slabs dumped on the canal side, with a view to taking them back it after a couple of days, "if the authorities were not really serious".

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