Theatrical comeback

Theatre is dead in the City. Blame it on cinema or television or just lack of support from public and the Government. But there are umpteen attempts to give a rebirth to it. Of course, a section that wants the feeling of "being there when it happens'' is always there to support it.

In the midst of such a scenario come two plays, which created waves in the Mumbai theatre circuit, to the City to celebrate the fun and versatility of theatre with songs, games and a live guitar on stage.

The two plays - Curfew and Combat -- are basically comedies, but look at some serious issues like violence and religious revival couched in parlance that communicates to the present generation. The format is offbeat, lively and innovative, which make the plays enthralling. The cast includes upcoming actors from film and television.

`Curfew' exposes the superficiality of life sparing nothing and no one. From religion to gurus to MNCs and the Indian educational system, everything is exposed for what really it is. `Combat' is a comic look at the tragedy and meaningless of war, from the point of view of the common man. This play uses live music, songs, dance and slides and animation in a multimedia presentation.

The plays are directed by Jaimini Pathak, a familiar face on television, and written by Ramu Ramanathan, who edits the Prithvi Theatres newsletter and is writing plays in English for the last 10 years. `Curfew' is being staged on July 5, while `Combat' will be staged on July 6 at Ravindra Bharathi.

By Ravikanth Reddy R.

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