The right place to usher in the New Year

Chef Li Peng with some of his delicacies.

Chef Li Peng with some of his delicacies.  

WELL BEFORE Ugadi, Visu and Tamil New Year's day, the Chinese are about to ring in their New Year with much festivity and celebrations.

As the din of firecrackers resound, ancestors are remembered and worshipped, dragon and lion dances performed.

Friends and family are visited, and of course, the game of Mahjong played.

Which brings us to the speciality restaurant Mahjong Room at the Windsor Sheraton and Towers.

If you are the type who looks up the ``What the Stars Foretell'' columns in newspapers and magazines, this is the right place to usher in the Chinese ``Year of The Horse''.

The Chinese have a habit of naming their years after a symbolic animal and if the punters at the Turf Club track take this is as an omen, good luck to them.

The Mahjong Room has a great asset: Chef Li Peng, whose culinary skills have been appreciated by the Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji, who stayed recently at the Windsor Sheraton. Now, that's some compliment, right?

Experience the delicacies created by Chef Li Peng from the splendours of the new menu targeted at the discerning gourmet, which includes you.

Start with the Golden Sand Prawn or Crispy Pepper Squid from the assortment of appetisers. If you are daring to experiment, you could try these with a dash of Chinese rice wine.

The veggies can savour Vegetable Dumplings or Crispy Spinach (Popeye's favourite in a different form), from a compelling selection.

Enjoy exotic soups and then dig into lobsters, crabs, pomfret or prawns, if you favour seafood, for health or other reasons. For those who like their meat closer to the bone, there are tenderloin, pork and poultry dishes. All of them served in sauces that range from the subtle to the robust; take your pick.

To delight the vegetarian palate, how about some stir-fried tomato? Or the all-time favourite, Cauliflower Manchurian? Accompanied by a variety of rice and noodles, the meal comes to a dramatic finale with delectable desserts from the various regions of China. Well, you can play it safe with fortune cookies, considering it is the start of the Year of The Horse. The Chinese Food Festival is on till February 24, from 7.30 p.m. Don't miss it.

By K.Satyamurty

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