The picture perfect portrait

A work by the Dhariwals.

A work by the Dhariwals.  

YOU SEE them often enough in the movies; a portrait of the family fortune's founder or just an ancestor who looks formidable in his turban and moustache/beard.

A large painting that hangs in a grand room before which the younger generation bows reverently or just a portrait that is garlanded or one that shows the senior actors in the movie when they were younger with a distinct resemblance to the<243>lead pair.

Aunali Dhariwal and his son, Taaha, believe photography is an art to be pursued.

They take us into their unique picture world, Portrait Photography, a fusion of art and photography.

Aunali is an advertising and industrial photographer from Pune with 28 years of experience and many national and international awards.

He is now setting up a branch in Bangalore (Ph: 5203396).

He seems to have found the right balance between the critical sharpness of an industrial product shoot and the tender softness of a portrait.

In an effort to revive the dying art of photo portraits and move away from the regular unaesthetic ``passport photo'' effect, the Dhariwals display a natural gift for this unusual art.

Normally, people photography is reduced to passport pictures on the one hand and fashion and glamour on the other.

The Dhariwals photograph people with the true sense of a portrait; the photographs feel and look like a painting.

The painted effect, which radiates a warm and aesthetic ``soft look'', is created through special handcrafted filters with oil painted canvases as backdrops; shot on a 120-medium format camera, using the best of<243> Kodak film.

The pictures are then hand finished to perfection and finally presented in fabulous imported frames to give a perfect painted portrait look.

There are no computer manipulations, no touch up and no spray; all the effects are done on the camera at the time of the shoot.

Add to all this, the secret of a good looking family portrait; the right happy expression, hand postures, styling, the right portrait lighting and finally the feeling of one happy family.

They also take up restoration of old family photographs and give the best effects possible with antique-look frames.

Well, you will be an ancestor one day!

By Satyamurty K

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