The past in coins and stamps

FROM A hobby of schoolchildren, coin and stamp collections have become big business now — rather, a long-term investment. Their value increases with time when they become rare. For example, value of coins and stamps released in memory of great personalities or events in history may not be in circulation after some time. The few people who have them can earn a good sum if sold, maybe, after 10 or 20 years. A vast variety of commemorative coins, stamps and other antiques are on display at the fifth national exhibition organised by the Cochin Numismatics Society at Ernakulam Town Hall.

Among the displays are the currency of smallest value — 14,000 new roubles, which is equal to one rupee — and Tibetan currency made out of tree bark. R. Selvaraj, secretary of the society, says that members of the society brought most of the exhibits.

"Some have come from other States with their vast array of coins and stamps," he says.

The exhibition will conclude on Sunday.

John L. Paul

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