The myriad colours of temperance

The young painters at work on the Kanakakkunnu Palace grounds.

The young painters at work on the Kanakakkunnu Palace grounds.  

THE MYRIAD colours of temperance were seemingly there on paper. Fourteen budding artists poured out their anguish about substance abuse, each sketching the horrors that such abuse inflicts on mankind.The serene settings of the Kanakakkunnu Palace provided just the sort of calm backdrop needed to balance the turmoil unfolding on the canvases. The story of how alcohol burns off man's creativity and ultimately snuffs out his life; how, under the influence of drink, man turns into an animal and forgets his family, how drugs dangerously alter the personality of a person making him or her a menace to society... the themes were varied, as varied as the hold that substance abuse has on mankind.

The painters had come to participate in the competition organised by the Kerala State Youth Welfare Board in association with the Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC-India) as part of the Intensive Campaign Against Substance Abuse and World Temperance Day Observation. The competition was held in five categories: LP, UP, High School, College and General. In fact some children who had turned up at the venue, thinking that it was going to be a pencil drawing contest, had to return home disappointed.

The themes, messages and stories that unfolded in the paintings, were similar to those featured in the cartoon exhibition put up by ADIC at the venue of the competition. These posters too revealed the terrible effect of alcohol and drugs on human beings.

The paintings were judged by a panel comprising teachers from the Government Fine Arts College. The winners in each section were given mementos as prizes.

By Mahadevan G.

Photo: S. Mahinsha

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