The flowering of an artist

HEARD OF Lladro. For those into sculptures, the name should read porcelain artwork. Renowned the world over for its sculptural creations, the Spanish firm hit Planet Bangalore recently.

Now, the city has a Lladro boutique on Mahatma Gandhi.

But before all that, the average Bangalorean had to see it happen, watch porcelain sculptures in the making. Doing precisely that, demonstrating live to a choosy audience was Trinidad Gimenez, a Lladro artist all the way from Spain.

Her hands taking on the creative garb, Gimenez sculpted flowers, minus of course the fragrance.

Now, something about Gimenez. The Valencia-born artist first heard about the Lladro porcelain school from her mother.

The latter encouraged her daughter to attend drawing and painting classes to give her the chance to opt for a post in Lladro. And also, perhaps the best students in each course were always asked to stay at the company.

Trinidad Gimenez was only 15 when she entered Lladro. For the next six years, she worked on the painting line, eventually becoming responsible for some of the most difficult pieces.

When she heard about plans to expand the flower-making line, Gimenez volunteered to join. Her reasoning: Making flowers was more delicate and artistic.

As years rolled by, she became so good at her job that she now thinks of it as her hobby.

Today, she is happy she made that decision to join the flower department.

Now an expert in painting all types of Lladro pieces, the artist has mastered the art of making all varieties of flowers created at the city of Porcelain.

Her favourite pieces are large- sized creations with lots of floral decoration.

Sample her "flowers of the season" and "flowers forever" for proof of her expertise. As if all this were not enough, she also works with tulle, making all kinds of parasols and mantilla decorations for figurine heads and busts.

By Rasheed Kappan

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