The emphasis here is on living life naturally

Every Sunday, at the Gandhi Bhavan at Thycaud in the city, the `Prakrithi Jeevana Samithy', through its unit, the Nature Cure Federation, provides free counselling to patients, on the various aspects of nature cure.

The emphasis is on `life natural', says N. Nanukuttan Nair, general secretary of the Federation. Nature cure is not an alternative system of medicine or an alternative to any system of medicine prevalent anywhere in the world, he points out. It is neither a curative nor a therapeutic system, but it is a way of life.

The cause for 95 per cent of diseases is irregularity in food habits, he points out. "Whether or not you agree with me, consuming `pure' food alone will suffice to keep one free from all diseases.''

There are various therapies that look like nature cure inasmuch as there is no drug application in them. Every one of these applications exerts a pressure, a form of violence, upon the organism to effect a symptomatic cure immediately and each of them is as bad as the disease itself, nature therapists claim.

In the system of nature cure, there are no remedies, since it does not treat diseases. It only helps patients to improve their level of health and to make diseases redundant.

``There is a power of healing in every individual and the idea is to allow this power to assert itself so that recovery takes place,'' he points out, adding that the approach is holistic.

The Nature Cure Federation has 60 centres and 300 active volunteers working full time in different parts of the State. In Thiruvananthapuram city alone, there are at least 500 families that strictly practise `life natural'.

Over a third of the population of Kerala had been made aware of nature cure, thanks to the pioneering efforts of people like the late C.R.R. Varma, says Mr. Nair.

``Let thy food be thy medicine, thy medicine thy food'', Hippocrates is believed to have thus said. Nature cure is also built on this principle. Live in harmony with nature and therein lies the cure for all diseases, the visitors to the camp at the Gandhi Bhavan are advised.

By Ajeth Kumar J.

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