The dialogue way

ABOUT 14 members of the South India Film Artistes Association did attend the Committee meeting that started late because of traffic and the hectic shooting schedules of the participants, Sarath Kumar, Secretary of the Association informs. It was incorrect to say that there was hardly a quorum, the actor says adding that the meeting started only after the minimum number required gathered (the late start was to suit everyone's convenience, he explained).

It turns out that the artistes now prefer `dialogue' to `demonstrations' to get their point across and the association intends using its good offices and talking to its counterparts there to ensure that Tamil films are screened again in Karnataka.

"I intend meeting Rajkumar and the Chief Minister S.M. Krishna in the next two days. We are going to talk and resolve the matter. The association is an independent body, it is not affiliated to any political group," reiterates Sarath Kumar.

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