Thai film fest

IF YOU'RE hankering for a taste of Thailand and don't want to drown your sorrows in steaming soup spiked with bamboo shoots, head to the South Indian Film Chamber theatre, lose yourselves in the addictive flavours of one of the world's most charming landscapes.

The Thai Film Festival organised by the International Cine Appreciation Forum and courtesy the Royal Thai Consulate General and Federation of Film Societies of India, plays on August 28 and 29.

On the 28th Mok-Rak Transistor, which was an entry at the Cannes Festival 2002, plays at 6-30 p.m. Then, Crime Kings (5-30 p.m.) and Kunpan (7-30 p.m.) promise to captivate the audience on the 29th.

So go ahead and enjoy `the lingering taste of Thailand'.

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