Tension at collectorate

JUST AS mercury was rising in the city on Monday, the situation became hotter in the Collectorate complex not because of the `kathiri' but because of an entirely different reason.

The arrival of a police team also indicated that tension was building up on the collectorate premises.

Over 200 Dalits of Mangammalpatti moved over to the complex, alleging police "harassment" in their village. Some women started cooking meal under trees while some others gently rocked makeshift cradles hanging from tree branches. They also tied their calves to tree trunks. When the revenue and police officials tried to persuade them, they insisted on creation of a congenial atmosphere in their village.

Finally, the uniformed personnel forced the villagers into a police vehicle.

As most of the Dalits willingly obliged, there were a few others, who made it clear that they would not like to be separated from their bovine stock even under detention.

The policemen, however, heaved a sigh of relief, as the Collector, B. Chandramohan, convinced Dalits to return to their village, assuring them of remedial measures.

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