'Tamil Annai'

GARLANDING OF statues marks anniversary celebrations of great leaders in the city. Same was the case with the celebration of the Tamil New Year day.

Politicians and other important personalities made it a point to garland the statue of `Tamil Annai' at Tamukkam. The Amutha Surabhi Kalai Manram celebrated the event, lighting lamps in front of the statue. Several students from the Kakkaipadiniyar Girls' Corporation Higher Secondary School and Pandiya Vellalar Corporation Middle School, and members of the public lit lamps and candles to make the occasion memorable.

The `who is who' of Madurai to grace the occasion included the Lok Sabha MP, P. Mohan, and MLAs, Valamathi Jebaraj and M.A. Hakeem.The organisers found the occasion appropriate to urge the Centre to declare Tamil a classical language and nationalise the Tirukkural. All participants later took an oath to strive for the development of the Tamil language.

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