Talk of the ad world

INDIA'S INFATUATION for the "videshi'' continues. Forget "desi'' beauties, it is this young Brazilian model who is the talk of the glitterati world right now. The face for Rexona's latest deodorant for women, "Free Spirit'', Juliana Rogatti Lima was introduced to Delhi after a "free-spirited" ride in a hot air balloon.

Barely an year into modelling, this hazel-eyed beauty has big plans for modelling assignments in the Asian subcontinent. "I have been staying in various Asian countries for the past nine months and doing a number of assignments. According to my agents, I have a face that will appeal in the Asian countries,'' says this young beauty who has done print advertisements for Visa Credit Cards and Johnson and Johnson. But only print assignments and adds with a laugh, "I am too short for the ramp!''

Her first visit to this country, India has taken her by surprise, she confesses.

"I had read so much about India. But what I had read and what I find is so different! I had read that people are very religious. I expected to find people praying all the time! But it is not like that. This is like my country,'' says Juliana.

"But I guess books will stress on the exotic and religious part for India. Like Brazil will mean only football for many people, but there is so much more,'' adds the model. A student of law in Brazil, Juliana has two more years in college. But modelling seems to be her calling. "I didn't plan to get into modelling I am here. I don't know whether I will go back to college. For the moment, I am enjoying this career and I haven't planned anything beyond. But if anyone thinks this is an easy life, they are wrong! There's a lot of hard work,'' says Juliana.