Tackling the menace

ABOUT 2.3 billion people are vulnerable to malaria. About 300 to 500 million cases are reported annually, and fatality among children is reported every 20 to 30 seconds in the world. This was just piece of the alarming statistics reeled out by Dr. Nibhay Kumar, Professor, Malaria Research Institute, Johns Hopkins Boomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, USA.

This was part of a special lecture on `Malaria Vaccines' in the Genomic era at the Karpagam College of Arts and Science. Malaria is transmitted to human beings by female anopheles mosquito. The parasites then grow in the human liver cells and cause non-complicated malaria (fever/anaemia) and complicated Cerebral Malaria.

"The need for developing vaccine is of paramount importance to prevent infection and transmission. The only possible way to protect people from malaria is to immunise people and unfortunately we are lagging behind in developing a potent vaccine to counter the menace," he said.

By V.S.P