Tackling corruption

DYNAMIC COMMONERS in Madurai have something to cheer about, even if it has got to be only a measure of vicarious satisfaction.

They feel that the series of raids conducted by the DVAC sleuths in the past few days on the residences of officials of various important departments could not have taken place at a better time, coming as it did just a week before Deepavali. This is the time when gifts presented by the public to officials or by the subordinates to superiors are passed off as goodwill gestures, when it actually involves `emotional blackmailing'. It is usual for the unabashedly corrupt officials not to have any qualms rating their subordinates in accordance with the worth of the gift pack.

Now that the fear has been created in the minds of the officials and the media too is keen to catch them on the wrong foot, there is a marked hesitancy on the part of officials to accept even sweet packets from well-wishers. Kudos. But the question in everybody's mind is whether the DVAC personnel, in the same vein, would dare ruffle the feathers of their `khaki' brethren.

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