TAAQ against suicide

Members of Thermal And A Quarter.

Members of Thermal And A Quarter.  

STRESS WEIGHS heavily on life in the metros. Increasing suicide rates continue to haunt and puzzle psychologists, social scientists and the common man. Could music help? ``Music can have a positive or no effect, but never a negative effect.'' This is what the famed violinist, L.Subramaniam, has to say on "Music Therapy". Most of us have experienced the healing effect of music and know the potential of music to lift our spirits. Sing yourself out of the blues, advise pop-psychologists. Whether it is in the bathroom or the office, your choice, of course.

So whether it is Classical, Pop, Rock or Reggae... it really doesn't matter. What counts is the music of your favourite band and singer that transports you to a different orbit.

These days music has been associated with different causes. It is no longer a mere matter of fame, money or popularity. There is always a cause to campaign for, poverty, homeless children, AIDS, etc. The genre of rock music has been popular, be it hard rock, soft rock, metal or plain ol' rock. Though rock music does not have its origins in India, it has become a part of the country's modern culture.

International rock bands have always been welcomed with eager ears. Names such as Bryan Adams, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, etc., have become an integral part of the Indian rock milieu. Now we have our very ``desi'' rock bands espousing a social cause.

Bangalore-based Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ) will hold a concert for the prevention of suicides on July 13. Organised in association with the Rotary Club of Bangalore East and the National Institute for Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), the concert will be held at the Guru Nanak Bhavan in Bangalore city.

The band's big break came when it performed at the Deep Purple concert in April last. Having 125 performances to its credit, the band is looking at a wider audience with its debut album. It is available on The band is about to release its second album this year. Its songs have received preview airplay on Dubai's FM Radio one and Radio City 91 FM, Bangalore.

So if you have not listened to this band, here is an opportunity to catch up with it. Donor passes priced at Rs.100 are available at Pecos, Rest House Road; Habitat, Church Street; Calypso, Jayanagar; Sound Options, Koramangala; and A2G Music, MG Road. The concert begins at 7.30 p.m., so take your earplugs if you are the sensitive kind because this band promises to rock the City loud.

By Rasheed Kappan

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