Switching loyalties

It was indeed strange to see this veteran Communist leader donning a yellow `kanduva' with words `Jai Telugu Desam' printed on it. After spending nearly 50 decades in the Communist Party of India, Rajeshwar Rao switched over to the Telugu Desam and now he is made one of the vice-presidents of the party.

The exercise to reconstitute the party hierarchy had led to some murmurs of protest. The party MP, Gutta Sukhendar Reddy, who was shifted from the chairmanship of the Disciplinary Committee to the Progammes Committee, was believed to have aired his anguish in party circles.

Reedy was stated to be peeved for being shifted to a lesser significant post, while new entrants to the party were given important posts. But then, won't such murmurs of protest remain only murmurs in the Telugu Desam unlike its rival, the Congress?

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