Sweeter style of RWH propaganda

An informative cake.  

THE MOST significant message of this year, and probably in the years to follow, what with the growing water scarcity in the city, is rainwater harvesting. On the occasion of the Christmas, a cake exhibition was organised by the YMCA on its premises, does its bit in promoting an awareness of saving precious rainwater: through cake exhibits of buildings with rainwater harvesting structures!

Houses, churches, hotels and the Perumal Teppakulam are some of the confectionery constructions, painstakingly erected out of flour, sugar, eggs and food colourings, by S. Anburajan from the YMCA. The quaintest of them all is the Coimbatore bus stand, which has also incorporated a rainwater harvesting structure.

"To get all architectural designs right, I sought the help of the Madurai chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects. Each structure involved minute scrutiny of the blueprints of the original structures," he notes.

A perfectionist that he is, Mr. Anburajan, ensured that all major architectural aspects were faithfully followed right down to the last detail. The Hyderabad Taj and the Tidel Park, churches and houses looking picture perfect in their icing foundation convey to the public the need of the hour: to conserve rainwater for their own sake.

These colourfully candied creations, which took a few days to prepare, are therefore a good information source for those interested in actually seeing how the structures look like. Connecting ducts and pipes, which collect the rainwater and divert it to storage structures or to the well, have been constructed to give an accurate idea of how the structure works and looks like.

"My message through these cakes is to drive home the simplicity and importance of rainwater harvesting. A lot of people are interested in the concept but don't have any idea about how it actually looks like or works," he says.

Apart from this veritable feast for the eyes, on till December 31, there is also a stall on the premises, selling all kinds of baked delights, including the compulsory Christmas plum cakes, for a scrumptious price.

By Preethi Chandrasekar.

Photo: S. James.