Sweet music for the ears

MUSIC LOVERS in the city would be treated to a rare ensemble on Sunday evening. Two renowned playback singers, Vani Jayaram and S. P. Balasubramaniam, would be presenting some of their evergreen hits at the Senate Hall where the Kamukara Memorial Award would be presented to the former in honour of her invaluable contributions to Malayalam film music.

Nostalgic memories

The name, Kamukara Purushothaman, evokes nostalgic memories for Malayalis. For, Purushothaman had earned a place of pride in their hearts by singing some of evocative songs including `Eswara chinthayil... ,' `Atma vidyalayame... ,' `Ekanthathayude apaara theeram... ' and `Mattoru Seethaye... .' The repertoire is not as prolific as many other singers, but all the songs are memorable and have stood the test of time.

Now, Purushothaman's memory is being immortalised by the award instituted in his name by the Kamukara Foundation.

Vani Jayaram reached the city on Saturday afternoon. After calling on the family members of Purushothaman, she started rehearsing for the songs on Saturday afternoon. The orchestra was set and she started singing `Bol re pappy... ,' the song she rendered for `Guddy' in 1971 which won her the prestigious Tanzen award.

Melodious number

This Hindi song is familiar to Malayalis since this melodious number was sung by Vani Jayaram. All the songs charted for the function were rehearsed to her satisfaction.

Inspite of singing many good songs, the State Government had never given due recognition to her. Now, the Kamukara Foundation has honoured the singer with its prestigious honour. Vani Jayaram who had sung about 8,000 songs in 14 languages has won the national award thrice, in 1976 for her songs in `Apoorva Ragangal' (Tamil), the multi-lingual film, `Sankarabharanam' in 1980 and the Telugu film, `Swati Kiranam' in 1992. The song, `Ashada masam... ' she sang under the baton of the late R. K. Sekhar and many other melodies under M. K. Arjunan are popular even after three decades.

All the songs in `Sankarabharanam' were a rage in Kerala. Vani would be singing a number of popular songs including `Dhumthana dhumthananana... ,' `Meghame meghame... ,' `Valkannezhuthi... ,' `Thiruvona pularithan... ,' `Sourayudhathil... ,' and `Bol re pappy... .'

S. P. Balasubramaniam too would present some of his immortal hits including `Ee kadalum... ,' `Sankara nadasareera... ,' `Mannil intha... ,' `There mere beech mein... ,' `Nilave mounama... ,' and `Neelavana cholayil... .'

By N. J. Nair

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