Suspended art

Hanging beauties

Hanging beauties  

THERE IS nothing quite like an artistically crafted wick lamp, when it comes to adding a bit of old-world charm to an ultra-modern home.

Filament lights that come in a variety of decorative shapes and compact fluorescent lamps that save electricity have their uses of course, but it is the polished brass lamp with the yellow flame that stirs the soul.

At one time not so long ago, lamps that hung from the ceiling, and which shed a comparatively shadow-free glow upon the ground, were visible only in shrines and edifices, which had a rich history behind them.

Slowly, lamps inspired by some of these exotic varieties started getting popular among those who wanted to re-decorate their homes and give everything an ethnic look.

Of special interest now are terracotta lamps, some of which can be suspended from the ceiling or a horizontal frame, not only to add an aesthetic touch, but also to shed a warm glow that kindles thoughts of harmony with Nature and peace within oneself.

By A.A. M.R

Photo: K. A.

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