Surprise for Big B

THIS WAS one surprise the Big B was not prepared for. When the country's most popular film star flew down to Delhi to meet his fans, he probably did not expect to see among the shrieking and awe struck crowd one of his leading ladies.

With the Habitat Film Club floating welcome banners across the city, Delhi was not really caught off guard when the man came visiting. But the Big B's fans more than just surprised him with their `wide' range of questions. From volunteering for the social group that Bachchan has not even decided to float to the desire of making films with him, the fans said it all.

But the lady who took the legend completely by surprise was the one who asked the last question. Till then hidden among the crowd, it took Nafisa Ali quite some time to put her query through.

With Bachchan unable to see her thanks to the crowd, this "reunion'' generated enough drama and excitement to make a hit Bollywood climax. Nafisa, who starred with Bachchan in "Major Saab'', asked the customary "How do you handle all the attention?'', with the actor himself admitting: "I am only doing my job. I guess I am lucky because I am getting paid for something that I love doing.''

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