Stubbornness pays

MANOJ BAJPAI is stubborn. While his acting skills are commendable, it is his stubborn streak that has brought him to the bright lights of tinseltown, far away from a tiny town in Bihar. But the journey has not been without its share of ups and downs.

A young boy, like million others, he went to Mumbai with a dream to become part of celluloid immortality. "Rejected'' four times by National School of Drama, he refused to be cowed down. Finally he got a chance to shine with Barry John and there's been no looking back since.

``I was quite sure that I would get there someday. I never doubted it for a moment. Of course, I did have my share of frustration and disillusionment from time to time. But I was sure when I packed my bags that people would want to see what I had to offer. I was right, my stubbornness finally paid off,'' says the actor.

And it is his stubbornness that sets him apart. From the realistic Bhiku Mhatre to the madman in "Aks'', even Prince Charming in "Zubeida'' -- it is this quality which makes all his characters believable. A little piece of Manoj which refuses to give up, gives all the characters a little bit of flesh and blood.

``In `Road' I play a guy who takes a lift and changes the journey of the audience and the film. I have to make it worth the money the audience pay to watch the film,'' he says. Always on the "Road'', Manoj has tried to change the journey of his audience with his performance, refusing to give up without making an impact.

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