Strictly for the working woman

MYOB (MIND your own business) isn't just a phrase anymore. It makes business sense for Anjana Bhargav. The term may be an informal way of getting people to mind their own business, but Anjana has taken this as the theme for her new collection aimed at business women.

The range, she says, is for corporate and workingwomen.

Anjana's clothes are going to be displayed at Cinnamon on 11, Walton Road, here. And according to Radhika Poddar of Cinnamon, corporate women were enlisted for modelling for this label, instead of professional models. Anjana took part in the recently concluded Lakme India Fashion Week in Mumbai, but the designer has been around for a while now. She first took part in a fashion show 10 years ago and has since shown at the Unesco Hall in Paris, at New York, London, and Germany. Radhika says MYOB "celebrates femininity, success, and individuality and makes everyday wear a fashion statement."

Anjana has used linen, georgette, crisp cottons, and various non-crushable fabrics in whites, hunted colours, and pastels. You can check out Anjana's MYOB for yourself between August 29 and September 14. To know more, call 2229794.

By Divya Sreedharan

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